Child Safety Regulations

Summary of the Key requirements of BS EN 13120

HomebyHomer Soft Furnishings are passionate about Child Safety. Please take a few moments to acquaint yourselves to the new standard.

The new regulation for child safety requirements for internal blinds is now upon us.  It has been passed as a standard in Europe and adopted by British Standards.  This is a précis of the regulations as we understand them, in as simple a form as possible. The act became operative on the 28th February 2014 and applies to all blinds made after that date.

There are two other European documents that apply EN16433 and EN16434, they refer to the testing of the blind components and blind system to make sure they meet the standard and are more concerned with manufacturers rather than curtain-makers.

This document is intended as a guide only to the regulations, as understood by HomebyHomer Soft Furnishings at this time. We accept no responsibility for any subsequent changes in regulation and/or our misunderstanding of the regulations as they stand.

The act covers all internal blinds presenting hazardous closed loops and hazardous cords where they are “intended” to be installed in premises where children aged 0-42 months are likely to have access or be present.  The act does not apply to offices, factories etc. where children are unlikely to have access.  In this case a notice with the following text “product intended to be installed in premises where children are not likely to have access” shall accompany the internal blind.

The bottom loop of the chain or cord must be 150cms from the floor and secured with an
safety device, without the safety device the product is not compliant.  HomebyHomer Soft Furnishings will only fit your blinds meeting the standard.

We recommend using BSXL headrails which are compliant to the above regulations and your blind will be fitted with all the necessary child safety breakaway systems.  These systems carry a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

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